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One of the main strengths of Blue Collar Temps is that we understand the needs of Calgary’s blue collar businesses. Oil and gas production fuels the Alberta economy, and similar to other industries, it can be difficult to find excellent staff. Blue Collar Temps maintains a large database of reliable and qualified workers who have years of experience in the oil and gas industry. Whether you are looking for welders, rig workers, drillers, maintenance and inspection employees, or anything in between, we have qualified, temporary labourers ready to work. And if you find that your need becomes a permanent one, we will help you with ongoing support and H.R. services.

iconCircle Reliable and Qualified Temporary Workers

Oil and gas production is a complex industry that requires a wide variety of labourers, from welders and rig workers to drillers and toolpushers. Blue Collar Temps is uniquely positioned in Calgary to provide the right workers for these jobs. We maintain a large database of qualified employees who are ready to fill these positions. Blue Collar Temps also offers full staffing services for the Oil and Gas Industry, including managing recruitment of the right employees, handling payroll, and assisting with ongoing H.R. needs. Let us help you streamline and simplify the process of recruiting, hiring, and managing your employees. Whether you need temporary workers, permanent employees, or temp to permanent labourers, Blue Collar Temps can handle all of your company’s needs.

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Please do not hesitate to call today to learn more about the full staffing services we offer for companies in the Oil and Gas Industry. Our strict focus is on helping blue collar companies hire the right workers for the job. We help you avoid risk and cost, and also offer full H.R. support, from recruitment to payroll, and more. Call us today to learn more about our complete staffing solutions